ow much does it cost to publish your newsletter? How often do you publish it? Whatever your answers, Faith Daily can save you money & time with an online, daily newsletter — published for a fraction of the cost of what you're paying now.

In an age of smartphones and computer tablets, there is no better time to get started. And no better newsletter format than ours!

1) Dramatically increases the number of repeat visitors to your website since we add interesting content to your newsletter every weekday regardless of whether you post anything to it.

2) Enables you to instantly communicate with your members instead of waiting for your next printed newsletter to be distributed.

3) Brings your member community closer together by keeping them better informed — and entertained — on a daily basis.

4) Never obtrusive or unwanted, unlike e-mail newsletters. We make sure every issue is interesting so your members will want to browse your newsletter every day.

5) Far more effective than a Facebook page because, believe it or not, the world does not hold its breath waiting on your next 'tweet' or Facebook post. Well, for some people, the world does revolve around their Facebook accounts. :(

Actually, we are not huge Facebook fans (for reasons we'll gladly share with you), but we still recommend that you utilize it (and a Twitter feed) in conjunction with your website to increase your exposure to the social media crowd ... provided, of course, that this is important to you.

6) Will save you a significant amount of money and time if you later decide to replace your printed newsletter with an 'online only' version.

Not ready to go 'all digital' with your existing printed newsletter? We understand, but with Faith Daily you don't have to. You can reap the benefits now. That's because there are absolutely no hassles, headaches or staff required to publish a daily newsletter using our proven format.

Published 250+ days a year ... with no staff required!
Faith Daily creates professional online newsletters like this one for clients like you.
Not only do they keep your members informed, they keep them entertained.

Every weekday, Faith Daily customizes it's proven three page newsletter format for your exclusive use and publishes it online for you. Only your name appears in the masthead and only news you input anytime you wish (24/7) appears on Page 1.

The remaining four pages feature interesting and informative stories that our editor carefully selects from the Web each day. It's a collection of stories you will not find anywhere else on the Web. Nothing controversial. Nothing to cause any concern among your members. There are no politics and no left or right slant. Just wholesome, entertaining and uplifting stories that are a breath of fresh air. Stories your members will thoroughly enjoy browsing each day.

You update your section of the e-newsletter anytime you wish by signing onto a secure web page and entering your news. You can include pictures, change the order of items listed and delete or add items at any time — 24/7. Your updates appear instantly online in your newsletter. Best of all, no one at your place has to have any technical knowledge to make the updates. If you can use a mouse, you can be your own publisher!

Optionally, you can upload audio or text files to your newsletter — such as sermon audio and/or text, brochure downloads, etc. You can even add an editable calendar of events to keep members informed of upcoming activities and schedule changes.

It's easy to get started! There is a nominal one-time fee to create the customized newsletter design (that matches your church or nonprofit website) and set up the web location where your online newsletter will be published. Unlike other vendors, we won't leave you to figure it out on your own. We actually want to talk to you so we can do it right and design it professionally.

Once your newsletter is ready for viewing, you simply link it to your existing website or, if you prefer (or have no website), we'll do it for you at no extra fee.

Contact us today at Faith Daily (803-951-3000) to inquire further or use this form and we'll get back to you. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Tell us who and where you are and we'll get back to you right away to answer your questions and show you an online sample of a typical client newsletter.

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