oes your website have professional video? If not, you are missing out on what is unquestionably the most effective way to communicate your message. And when Faith Daily produces your video, we guarantee it will be 'price-less.'

Our professionally produced videos are
donated to qualifying clients.

We will produce an emotionally powerful movie for your website — for FREE!

Faith Daily has produced videos for churches and non-profits throughout the country. Most feature members and leaders telling their stories in 3-5 minute 'mini-movies.' Normally, these high quality productions would cost thousands of dollars each to produce, but Faith Daily produces them for you at no charge. Scheduling, on-site filming, interviewing and creative production — all for FREE!

Video production is our most popular philanthropy. Our custom produced videos are a powerful and dynamic addition to client websites. Unlike homemade "YouTube" style videos, ours are professionally produced, compelling to watch and perfect for inviting website visitors and members to participate in your church or nonprofit.

Powerful, Emotional & Informative
This demo reel shows a variety of video 'clips' we have created for our clients — all for FREE!

Faith Daily was founded to help its clients 'make a difference' in their communities by effectively using Web and video technology. Our goal is to help you expand the good work you are doing in your community. Here's how we do it ...

The founder of FaithDaily.com will tell you that his dad at one time supported his four sons as a photographer, taking pictures of people — every one of whom had their own camera!

Although we donate our work to our clients in honor of our founder's dad, we, too, understand that just owning a camera does not mean you are a photographer. There is s-o-o much more to it!

Here are some of the areas that get special attention when we produce your videos.

Lights! Cameras!
We use the latest high-definition, wide-screen professional video and still capture cameras and lenses, mostly from Sony® and Canon®.

We normally bring 3 to 4 cameras to each shoot to handle the variety of conditions we may encounter. Most times we shoot using natural light but, if needed, we have lighting equipment on board to handle almost any situation. As any cinematographer will tell you, it's how a scene is filmed that will convey honest emotion. Subtle things like lighting, facial expressions, focus techniques, etc. can make an ordinary video compelling.

Sound Check
Sound is just as important as the picture in a movie. To insure pro results, we use quality Sennheiser® microphones to capture every nuance of testimony. We often enrich that sound in post production and mix in a sound track to make your movie more dramatic and interesting to view.

The Interview
While quality cameras and sound equipment are important for creating a film, the interviewer is the single most important asset in producing a meaningful interview presentation. It is a job that requires knowing how to recognize and bring out the best of the person being interviewed.

When we produce a video for your church or non-profit, we will make sure you always put your best foot forward. Ron shoots the video and photos; Tricia does the interviewing. Your members will appreciate their warm, southern-style friendliness and their professional knowledge. Plus, they can relate to almost any interviewing situation. They've been married 40 years, grew up in radically different churches, have grown children and are now retired.

Ron is a former radio announcer and computer industry executive who now loves working behind a camera and in the Faith Daily editing studio. Tricia is a former school teacher who really knows how to put people at ease. Together, they make a great team — one you will be comfortable with from the moment you meet them.

The Editing Studio
After all of the footage is shot at your location (or ours), we bring it into our studios to edit and produce the final video. This is by far the most time consuming part of making a great presentation. Expect it to take up to a couple of months to complete in many cases. We normally shoot hours of footage but only a few minutes makes it into your final movie(s).

The World Premiere
Your finished, edited video will be placed on our high speed servers and will appear online 100% commercial free, except for production and copyright credits.

Unlike YouTube® and similar video services, there are no ads on the page on which your video appears and no offensive content or links that often appear next to videos on those services. Your commerical-free, professionally produced videos are then linked directly to your church or nonprofit website.

We can also provide you with a single DVD of your video, but we do not offer DVD duplication. If you plan to duplicate our DVD, please let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange for licensed sound track elements to be included in your movie.

One of our mobile studios
It's fully self-contained so no electricity or hook-ups are required. All you provide is a 65 foot level, safe spot to park it on your property. We are usually on location at each client site for 2-3 days. For locations that cannot accommodate this bus, we also have a smaller 24-foot version.

Faith Daily will coordinate everything with you when you schedule your filming date. You select members of your church or nonprofit who would like to participate and we'll do everything else.

Anyone who will appear on camera is encouraged to read this page and request their preferred filming date and time below. And don't worry about being nervous or looking great on camera. We take care of that, too. Our interviews are always completely conversational. There are no 'scripts' to rehearse or remember, there are no right or wrong answers, and you don't need to look at the camera, In fact, Ron will tell you to forget he's in the room! And you can dress however you prefer ... whatever makes you feel comfortable. Everyone always tells us that it's actually a lot of fun.

We produce all Faith Daily movies for non-commercial, educational use only. We will consult with you on the objective of your production before we begin filming.

To get on our filming schedule, simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch immediately. You are under no obligation but we need to know the date that best suits your schedule. We can film almost anywhere in the U.S., except Hawaii. In our local filming area (South Carolina), we often film personal interviews at our studios.

FYI .. If you have not already received a reserved block of dates from us, there may be a significant wait time, primarily because of the reputation for quality we have earned and because we offer these services entirely free. If you are located outside of our home office area (central South Carolina), we must charge a mileage fee to bring our mobile studio to you. This helps us offset the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance. (Our 43-ft 'studio' travels only 7 miles on a gallon of diesel fuel!) We donate ALL other expenses for traveling to your location, including lodging, meals, our time at your location, the interviewing, the filming, and the extensive editing work afterward.

Tell us who and where you are and we'll get back to you right away to answer any questions you may have and let you know what dates are available.

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